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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn February a writing friend told me about a daily Twitter writing challenge. It uses the tag #vss365 and each day a new prompt is set. The challenge is to write a very short story, 288 characters (including spaces and line breaks), with the prompt word embedded in it.

There have been some challenging prompts, thought provoking stories and poems, and some heartwarming support from others that are rising to the challenge too.

You can follow me on Twitter @MaiaCornish or join  the challenge by following the Twitter tag #vss365

Here’s a selection of my stories so far.


It was only when I got older and moved away that I discovered the names I’d grown up with were considered strange. Harrowbarrow, Mousehole, Coverack. Even Pennycomequick, across the river. Magical names. I miss them.


Some children have imaginary friends but Natalie was different. She had a #pocket sized twin sister who sat on her shoulder and whispered all kinds of naughtiness into her ear. Natalie loved that twin sister. The fun those two girls had together!


When the boring and the mundane sabotaged her dreams Louisa took decisive action. She abandoned her chores, turned off the TV and climbed a tor. As she bathed in moonlight and searched the star spangled canvas of her imagination a poem was born.

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Cornish by birth and nature I'm a compulsive reader, writer, photographer, gardener, nature lover, traveller, and wonder-er.
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